Distinguished Members


A member of the ODG who has been a Resident Ringing Member for at least 30 years and who has given meritorious service to the Guild or a Branch may be proposed for Distinguished Membership by two members of the Guild. This proposal, which should include a citation of the reasons for it, should be sent to the Honorary General Secretary. If approved by the Master, Deputy Master and Honorary General Secretary, the names of those proposed for Distinguished Membership will go forward for ratification at the Guild AGM.

The following Guidelines may help as a starting point:

  • Minimum of 30 years’ total membership
  • Involvement in Guild activities including, but not limited to, organising meetings, festivals, courses, striking competitions, representing the Guild or Branch in Church activities, fund-raising.
  • Nominees may or may not have held formal office in the Guild or their Branch but must have made a significant contribution to the Exercise over an extended period.

The Nomination Form for Distinguished Membership is attached.