Ringing up and down in peal – course report

Training Course

A total of ten learners and eighteen helpers attended the Branch course on ringing up and down in peal on Saturday.

There were two morning sessions held at Loughton and Milton Keynes Village and two afternoon sessions at Bradwell and Wavendon with lunch at the Talbot in Loughton in between. Each session was led by a different leader – all of whom were very experienced in ringing and teaching – and they were assisted by a number of helpers who were able to stand with the participants and talk them through the raising and lowering.

Several of the participants were also keen to learn how to lead up and down and by the end of the day they had all managed to do so successfully. It was quite a tiring day for those who attended both the morning and afternoon sessions and no doubt there were a few aching muscles on the Sunday morning! But it was all worth it as everyone made progress during the day and were all much more competent in ringing up and down in peal by the end of the course.

Ringing Up and Down in Peal - Photo