Over to you…….December 2015

ODG LogoThis comes with my best wishes for a Happy Christmas, and some joyful ringing.

Ringing World Survey

Many of you will already have taken some action concerning this. If not, may I encourage you to consider the request below.

“The Board of The Ringing World Ltd thinks it essential to have a full, informed consultation with as many ringers as possible, subscribers and non-subscribers, over several possible ways to a sustainable future for the business by means of a survey. There is an on-line version and a paper version. The on-line version is accessible at: Ringing World Survey  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/therwsurvey. The paper version can be downloaded here  http://ringingworld.co.uk/images/pdf/RW_Survey_final.pdf. You are welcome to use whichever version you find most convenient; we would prefer you to use the on-line version if you can as this makes assessment of the results and detailed analysis much easier for us. If you have difficulties in filling in the survey, please email survey@ringingworld.co.uk.

It has not been possible, in the interests of keeping the cost of the paper version down, to have much space for the few free text answers. You may enclose an extra sheet with any further comments or email the above survey address. It is a comprehensive survey so the option is given for answering only certain key questions, though we hope that most responders will answer them all.

Please encourage as many ringers as possible to respond. In particular could those who receive copies for a tower encourage your band to make individual responses. For those who are not familiar with The Ringing World or need a reminder, we have provided a free PDF version of a recent edition which you can access here http://bb.ringingworld.co.uk/files/5437.pdf.

The survey will close at the end of January.

Nigel Orchard, Chairman, The Ringing World

Our Guild is one of the largest in the country and it would be excellent if we could submit plenty of feedback.

With best wishes,