NBB QP Week Starts – Update 16/11/14

TBranch News 2he branch quarter peal week started auspiciously last night with a fine quarter peal of Plain Bob Minor at Emberton.

Emberton, 7th November 2014
1320 Plain Bob Minor

1 Lesley Belcher
2 Sam Haslam
3 Wendy Haslam
4 Roy Keeves
5 Phil Haslam
6 Tony Gray (c)

Rung to celebrate the Diamond Wedding anniversary of Olive and Keith Haslam on 6th November 2014

Woughton on the Green, 9th November 2014
1440 Kent & Oxford Treble Bob Minor

1   Brian Baldwin
2   Christina Tribble
3   Martin Smith
4   Martin Petchey
5   Peter Tribble
6   Simon J O Head (C)

Half muffled, in commemoration of the fallen from this village. First in the method 1,2,3,4,5

Olney, 10th November 2014
1260 Plain Bob Doubles

1 Judy Gay
2 Liz Sheaf (1st in method inside)
3 Doug Hird (c)
4 Roger Gay
5 Scott Ayers
6 Charles Knight

Rung half muffled for Remembrance

Wicken, 11th November 2014
1280 Cambridge S Major

1 Ray Vickers
2 Ann Fletcher
3 Ann Birch (1st of Surprise Major)
4 Nick Read
5 Lesley Belcher
6 Andrew Spencer
7 Ruth Stokes
8 Chris Stokes (c)

Rung in fond memory of Robert George a loyal ringer at Maids Moreton

Newport Pagnell, 12th November 2014
1260 Plain Bob Doubles

1 Keith Wagstaff (1st on treble)
2 Nick Read
3 Nicki King
4 Charles Knight
5 Doug Hird (c)
6 Liz Wagstaff (1st on tenor behind)

Downs Barn, 15th November 2014
1280 Cambridge S Major

1 Graham Bartholomew
2 B Douglas Hird
3 Lesley J Belcher
4 Angela Blackburn
5 Roger Gay
6 Gary Reading (1st surprise major)
7 David Phillipson
8 Simon Read (c)

Wavendon, 15th November 2013
1260 Plain Bob Doubles

1 Cerys Louise Dallen
2 Hannah Crombleholme (c)
3 Hazel E Dallen (c)
4 Paul Cromleholme (c)
5 Peter Tribble (c)
6 Patricia Caryl Rosewell

First Quarter Peal for the Wavendon Tower since the new band was created in 2012. We would like to also associate the quarter peal with Brian Baldwin who has been instructing the band since formation.

Hanslope, 15th November 2014
1260 Grandsire Triples

1 Helen Dear
2 Alan Cozens
3 Brian Berry
4 Anthony Gray (c)
5 Ian Thompson
6 Nicholas Gray
7 Roy Keeves
8 Andrew Timms

First Quarter Peal – Treble
Rung for Branch Quarter Peal Week
A 100th Birthday compliment on 7th November for Emily Keeves, mother of 7th
In memory of Derek Ward who passed away on 12th November, brother-in-law of 6th

Newport Pagnell, 16th November 2014
1250 Yorkshire Surprise Major

1 Hazel Dallen
2 David Phillipson (c)
3 Alison Willgress
4 Ian Willgress
5 Lesley Belcher
6 Doug Hird
7 Alan Marchbank
8 Simon Read