National Youth Competition

On Saturday 7th July the National Youth Competition was held in London.

This has become so popular that there are now heats to determine who rings in the final.

This year saw a new trophy introduced by the Ringing World to be awarded to the highest placed change-ringing band. The overall winners win the Whitechapel Trophy and if that is won by a call change band the winning method team take RW trophy and vice versa.

Sussex won the Whitechapel Trophy with an A and the ODG with an A- took ‘the RW trophy as the winning method team.

The ODG Band are pictured below and North Bucks provided 2 of the ringers!

ODG Band

They rang in their heat and listened to Hilarie Rodgers feedback and rang significantly better in the final. They will get some written feedback but contemporaneous notes say they rang ‘with purpose, good structure and it was an enthusiastic piece of ringing’.

Jenny Page from Reading said “It was great to see them enjoying each others company and chatting to ringers from other teams they are beginning to get to know and ring with on other occasions.”

We all should feel very proud of them representing the ODG in this National Event and being the highest placed change-Ringing team. Well done to you all and especial congratulations to the 2 from North Bucks. You’ve done very well and we are all very proud of you.

Compiled by Alan Marchbank