North Bucks Branch Coronation quarter-peal week

The branch Coronation quarter-peal week ran from May 6 to May 14. Thirteen quarters were scored (out of a planned sixteen or so), from Padbury in the branch’s south-west corner to Emberton in the north. Ringing started straight after the coronation itself, and continued somewhere throughout the branch every day until the next weekend.

The full list can be accessed on Bellboard, via the diary entry for 6 May, called “Oxford Diocesan Guild – North Bucks Branch Coronation quarter-peal week”

Congratulations to all those who took part.

Roy Keeves

Roy’s funeral will be on Wednesday 19 April at 11.30am in Crownhill Crematorium Oak Chapel.  No black attire and family flowers only.  Afterwards at The Club in Hanslope.   

Donations are for Willen Hospice & RSPB via a link at H W Mason Funeral Directors

There is a live stream of the funeral available for 7 days – please contact for the link and also to advise if you plan to attend the funeral.  

4th December Branch Social at Woughton

On Saturday 4th December we are holding a ringing and social event at Woughton-on-the-Green.

4:00 – 5:30 Ringing 

5:30 – 5:45 Meeting, if we need one to elect new members – If you have any new members to propose, please let me know beforehand.

6:00 onwards – Refreshment and Quiz  – We will order fish and chips on the day.

Note from Doug Hird: Please let me know if you aim to attend so we can make sure there are enough plates etc. to go round.

email Doug at :

Shenley and Loughton win Branch striking competition

The Branch striking competition was held at Padbury on the afternoon of Saturday September 4th .
The church at Padbury is perhaps best known for its 13th century mural of a wolf rescuing the head of St Edmund from the Danes, but also houses an uncomplicated 10cwt ring of six ideal for a striking

The mural of the wolf and St Edmund

Three bands entered, from Lillingstone Lovell, Padbury, and Shenley and Loughton

The Lillingstone Lovell band, who rang Grandsire Doubles

The Padbury band, who rang Plain Bob Doubles

The band from Shenley and Loughton, who rang St Martins Doubles

The judges were the father and daughter team of  Elizabeth and Jonathan Pawley, from Leighton Buzzard.

The judges delivering their verdict

Shenley/Loughton accumulated 12 faults, and were declared the winners, followed by Padbury with 22 faults and Lillingstone Lovell with 25.

The  impressive Colin Snack trophy was presented to John Brookman by Jessica and Leo, the grandchildren of the Padbury tower captain, Richard Stanworth

The presentation of the trophy

Thanks must go to the Padbury ringers for hosting the competition and providing a splendid tea, to the judges for doing a difficult and thankless task well, and to Barry Eglesfield for organising the day

The winners will go on to represent the branch at the Guild 6-bell competition in October, at Stoke Goldington

Bells welcome Bishop Stephen to Milton Keynes

On September 2 nd Bishop Stephen, the Bishop of Oxford, started his pilgrimage to Milton Keynes. On that day he cycled between half a dozen or more churches in the north of Milton Keynes, blessing the church and its congregation, chalking his blessing on the lintel of the building, and praying with the local congregation.

He was welcomed to three churches on his route – Great Linford, Downs Barn and Bradwell – by a small group of ringers drawn from these towers, as well as Shenley, Woughton and Newport Pagnell.

The Bishop told the ringers that he was pleasantly surprised by the welcome, and said how he had heard the bells from far off as he cycled from Wolverton to Great Linford, guiding him toward the church.