Branch Six Bell Striking Competition

Alan Shephard from Dunstable judged the 10 teams who entered the Branch striking competition which was held at Great Linford on Saturday 30th June. Over 60 branch members were in attendance and enjoyed the glorious weather and sumptuous tea provided by the Linford ringers.

Alan placed the teams in the following order and made constructive and helpful comments on each teams performance:

1st place Team 3. Shenley & Loughton Ringing St Martin’s Doubles. Confident start and settled until a trip in the 4th lead. This was resolved and stead ringing resumed and became very good by the end. 12 faults

2nd place Team 10 Woughton Ringing Grandsire Doubles. Accomplished ringing with a scattering of faults. No consistent errors 28 faults.

3rd place Team 1. Ladies Team Emmeline Ringing Plain hunt on 5. Started hesitantly then was settled after row 70. Lacked confidence 35 faults

4th place Team 5. Emberton Ringing Bob Doubles. Reasonably accomplished scattering of minor faults until a method error at 9th lead.Well done to keeping it going and bring it round. 42 faults

5th place Team 9. Bletchley ringing call changes. Irregular leading particularly at the changes. 55 Faults

6th place Team 8. Newport Pagnell Ringing bob Minor. Ringing did not settle from the off. 60 Faults

7th place Team 4. Sherrington ringing called changes. Leading was a bit rushed generally and bell in 2nds place was a bit rushed too. Rang too many rows but only 120 were marked. 82 faults

8th place Team 6. Olney Ringing Grandsire Doubles. Never really settled down and in 9th lead a method error cost many faults. Well done for getting it round. 152 Faults

9th Place team 2. Ladies Team Christabel . ringing plain punt on 5. Struggled, but carried on and finished. A good effort. 154 faults

10th place team 7. Lillingstone Lovell Ringing Grandsire Doubles Commiserations for not completing the test piece.