Training Courses

North Bucks Training Course

The North Bucks Branch runs a training course each year in   October, the content of which is decided on a year-on-year basis.

ODG Training Courses

The ODG run the following training courses each year:

  • Radley One-Day Course. This course is designed for learners of all ages and levels of competence.  Methods include Grandsire Doubles and Triples, Bob Doubles, Minor and Major.  The course is held in April.
  • Michaelmas Training Day.  This course provides an opportunity to learn more advanced methods than those offered on the Radley and Steeple Aston course.  It typically covers Surprise minor, Stedman Triples and Surprise Major. The course is held in September
  • Steeple Aston One-Day Course.  This course provides tuition and practice on basic methods from Plain Hunt to Bob Major.  The course is held in October.
  • Ten Bell Training Day.  This course provides an opportunity to develop ten bell ringing skills.  Methods include Grandsire and Stedman Caters.  The course is held in December.

Other Training Courses

Regular established training courses are available across the country – often advertised in the Ringing World.

The Bradfield Ringing Course is an annual four-day residential course based at Bradfield College in Berkshire. Every year in August, it provides tuition for ringers of a wide range abilities, from Bell Experience for those that need a little more confidence in handling a bell to Surprise Major for those that have been ringing a little longer – and many other stages along the way!

The Hereford Ringing Course is another annual four-day residential course.  Teaching is mostly done in small groups: catering for ringers who can ring rounds and no more, to groups there are Stedman Caters and Surprise Major.  As well as the practicals and theory sessions, there are various other activities, including a visit to the belfry of Hereford Cathedral.

The Essex Ringing Course is a non-residential course centred around group-based learning. Groups range from improving your handling skills to rounds to Surprise Major and Conducting.

For those interested in learning to teach ringing, the Association of Ringing Teachers (ART) hold a reasonable number of courses a year that facilitate the sharing of best practice and allowing the interaction with younger ringers using their media of choice (such as mobile phones and the internet.) The integrated teacher training scheme (ITTS) consists of two modules:

The modules are complemented by the Learning the Ropes, a student learning scheme.

Training and Development Fund

The Branch’s Training and Development Fund provides support for the improvement of ringing at all levels – up to 50% of the cost of the training course can be claimed with a maximum of £50. Opportunities for learning present themselves in many ways. Activities that qualify for support are:

  • Attendance at courses arranged by the Oxford Diocesan Guild, the North Bucks Branch or any other ringing organisation.
  • Resources that support the recruitment of ringers and teaching of ringing in North Bucks such as booklets, handouts etc.

To apply for support, contact either the Secretary or Treasurer.