Ringing Master vs Tower Captain

At All Saints, Emberton we have a Tower Captain and a separate Ringing Master.  This system works very well for us, and lightens the load on one person and makes use of individual expertise.

The Tower Captain takes care of all admin and liaison with the Church, and ensures there are enough ringers for Services, Weddings and other special events.  The direct relationship with the Church is important, especially when you are unable to ring for as many Services as you would like, and the direct contact with the Churchwardens and PCC is useful when there are any issues to address.  The Tower Captain keeps ringers informed (by group email) of practice changes, special methods, and social occasions.  The Tower Captain runs the ringing when the Ringing Master is not available.

The Ringing Master is responsible for all teaching, and runs the ringing at all practices and Services.  The Ringing Master chooses special methods and looks after the development of all ringers.  The choice of pub after practice is also left to the Ringing Master!

The Tower Captain and Ringing Master liaise as required on all matters.

With thanks to Sheila Watts