2015 Census Results

Every Branch tower with 5 or more bells completed a census return.  Many thanks to all the tower correspondents and captains for their time in bringing together the numbers and their comments and suggestions.

Branch Membership

Branch Ringers

There are 297 ringers in the branch of which 228 are ODG members.  Not all these ringers are active – 71% of Guild Members and 68% of non-ODG members are active in their towers.  An active ringer is one that rings on Sunday and at tower practices at least 50% of the time.

Age Profile

NBB Age Profile

The Branch age profile mirrors that of the national ringing community with 61% of active ringers in the Branch being aged 50 or above (the national average is 65% of ringers.)  The 31 to 50 year age group is the most active (84% of ringers active) whilst the 18 to 30 and 65 plus age groups are the least active (62% of ringers are active.)

Ringing Level

NBB Ringing Level

The majority of active ringers in the Branch are method ringers – 35% ring non-Surprise methods and a further 31% can also ring Surprise methods.  The number learning to handle a bell accounts for 10% of the Branch’s active ringers.

Ringing Teachers

NBB - Teachers

There are 48 ringing teachers in the Branch, 30 of whom are currently teaching.  The majority of teachers are teaching based on experience rather than formal training.

Tower Status

NBB - Tower Status

Individual towers have been segmented according to the ratio of the number of active ringers (of whatever standard) to the number of bells:

  • Green – 1.5 or more ringers per bell
  • Amber – between 1 and 1.5 ringers per bell
  • Red – less than 1 ringer per bell
  • Black – no practice (although there may be Sunday Service ringing provided by other towers)
Recruitment Demographics – 20

Can’t see where to get new ringers – 8
Attracting committed new recruits – 6
Band getting too old – 2
Young ringers are needed – 2
Keeping new ringers has proved difficult – 1
Integrating the huge influx of learners – 1

Modern Lifestyle – 8

Younger ringers moving onto higher education leaving a gap – 3
Ringers moving away – 2
Ringers not being able to ring due to other commitments – 2
Being too reliant on families – 1

Service Ringing – 8

Increasing the pool of those ringers available to ring on Sundays – 6
Getting sufficient ringers for weddings – 1
Being able to ring for special services – Christmas Day and Easter – 1

Bells & Towers – 8

Problems with bells & fittings – 4
Complaints from neighbours – 2
Church facilities impacting ringing – 2

Teaching – 7

Need someone to teach new ringers – 5
Need experienced ringers to come and help – 2

Ringing Development – 4

Improve striking – 1
Development of existing ringers – 3

Other – 2

Outside interference – 1
New Rector – 1