National Youth Competition

On Saturday 7th July the National Youth Competition was held in London.

This has become so popular that there are now heats to determine who rings in the final.

This year saw a new trophy introduced by the Ringing World to be awarded to the highest placed change-ringing band. The overall winners win the Whitechapel Trophy and if that is won by a call change band the winning method team take RW trophy and vice versa.

Sussex won the Whitechapel Trophy with an A and the ODG with an A- took ‘the RW trophy as the winning method team.

The ODG Band are pictured below and North Bucks provided 2 of the ringers!

ODG Band

They rang in their heat and listened to Hilarie Rodgers feedback and rang significantly better in the final. They will get some written feedback but contemporaneous notes say they rang ‘with purpose, good structure and it was an enthusiastic piece of ringing’.

Jenny Page from Reading said “It was great to see them enjoying each others company and chatting to ringers from other teams they are beginning to get to know and ring with on other occasions.”

We all should feel very proud of them representing the ODG in this National Event and being the highest placed change-Ringing team. Well done to you all and especial congratulations to the 2 from North Bucks. You’ve done very well and we are all very proud of you.

Compiled by Alan Marchbank

Branch Six Bell Striking Competition

Alan Shephard from Dunstable judged the 10 teams who entered the Branch striking competition which was held at Great Linford on Saturday 30th June. Over 60 branch members were in attendance and enjoyed the glorious weather and sumptuous tea provided by the Linford ringers.

Alan placed the teams in the following order and made constructive and helpful comments on each teams performance:

1st place Team 3. Shenley & Loughton Ringing St Martin’s Doubles. Confident start and settled until a trip in the 4th lead. This was resolved and stead ringing resumed and became very good by the end. 12 faults

2nd place Team 10 Woughton Ringing Grandsire Doubles. Accomplished ringing with a scattering of faults. No consistent errors 28 faults.

3rd place Team 1. Ladies Team Emmeline Ringing Plain hunt on 5. Started hesitantly then was settled after row 70. Lacked confidence 35 faults

4th place Team 5. Emberton Ringing Bob Doubles. Reasonably accomplished scattering of minor faults until a method error at 9th lead.Well done to keeping it going and bring it round. 42 faults

5th place Team 9. Bletchley ringing call changes. Irregular leading particularly at the changes. 55 Faults

6th place Team 8. Newport Pagnell Ringing bob Minor. Ringing did not settle from the off. 60 Faults

7th place Team 4. Sherrington ringing called changes. Leading was a bit rushed generally and bell in 2nds place was a bit rushed too. Rang too many rows but only 120 were marked. 82 faults

8th place Team 6. Olney Ringing Grandsire Doubles. Never really settled down and in 9th lead a method error cost many faults. Well done for getting it round. 152 Faults

9th Place team 2. Ladies Team Christabel . ringing plain punt on 5. Struggled, but carried on and finished. A good effort. 154 faults

10th place team 7. Lillingstone Lovell Ringing Grandsire Doubles Commiserations for not completing the test piece.

Ringing World Marketing Promotion

The Ringing World is running a small marketing promotion by making the 12th May edition available free online via BellBoard.

This issue has coverage of CRAG (including an article by Steve Coleman and response by Phil Barnes), York Minster and recruitment in schools plus a lot more.

You might like to read it or draw it to the attention of non-subscribers.

Nigel Orchard
Chairman, The Ringing World.

Over to you…….March 2017

ODG Logo

Over to you…….March 2017

It has been good to visit several branches for your AGMs – and I have a few still to come.

Whilst not most people’s cup of tea, it is important that we attend these meetings to play our part in influencing decisions – and particularly to support branch officers.

The Guild AGM is coming up – on Saturday 20th May – and you can expect details fairly soon. Please come – there will be activities and ringing, as well as the service and meeting.

Ahead of that – we know that the officers listed below do not wish to stand again. Please consider whether you, or someone in your tower, might have the skills needed – or might be willing to take on one of the jobs. This is a large guild and will only function well if we have officers for all of the posts. I have supplied an extract of some of their tasks, and the full job descriptions can be seen on the Guild website.

  • Deputy Master (support the Master; arrange Striking Competitions)
  • One Guild Steward (visit 3 branches and support as needed)
  • Webmaster (update the website – plans are in hand for this to be on a new platform)
  • Public Relations Officer (aim to set up a network of PR people around the Guild)
  • Safeguarding Officer (Katie Lane is happy to work alongside someone for a handover year)

Please contact either the current post-holder, or myself, if interested.

With best wishes,

Over to you…….August 2016

ODG Logo

Over to you…….August 2016

As you are probably aware, the new Bishop of Oxford will be inaugurated at a special service in Christ Church Cathedral on Friday 30th September. Following that, he will be welcomed around the diocese at special services in each Archdeaconry (Berkshire on 5th October; Dorchester on 9th October; Oxford on 12th October and Buckingham on 13th October).

It would be lovely if we could ring around the Guild to welcome him.

With best wishes for a restful August,